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Robert Miller
Jan 13, 2010
Todd Taylor
Dec 18, 2008

Iron County Democrats

Chair:Johannes Roelofs

Phone: 435-865-7961

Email: johan04@accesswest.com


The Combined Cedar City precinct meeting will be held Tuesday, March 23 at 5:30 at the Cedar Middle School (formerly Cross Hollows Intermediate). Please come and get involved with the delegate election process and get to know our local Democratic candidates!


  • Utah's anachronism Featured Article Utah's anachronism Utah's anachronism

    Noel should join 21st century Tribune Editorial Posted: 03/03/2009 06:00:00 PM MST Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, is an anachronism. That is, as Webster tells us, "Anything... More »

  •  Matheson reintroduces N-testing bill Featured News Article  Matheson reintroduces N-testing bill Matheson reintroduces N-testing bill

    Rep. Jim Matheson — whose father, former Utah Gov. Scott Matheson, died of cancer blamed on atomic bomb tests conducted upwind in Nevada — is renewing a push to outlaw... More »

  • Schools face budget cut Featured News Article Schools face budget cut Schools face budget cut

    CEDAR CITY - School board members and Iron County School District administrators had a special school board meeting Tuesday to discuss details of the new state-mandated 5.2... More »

  • Cedar City to host rural summit Featured Article Cedar City to host rural summit Cedar City to host rural summit

    CEDAR CITY - "Smart Strategies for Tough Times" is the theme for the 22nd Annual Utah Rural Summit, scheduled for Aug. 5 through 7, at the R. Haze Hunter Conference Center on the... More »

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Utah Universities to receive millions due to passage of Energy and Water Appropriations Bill Last Updated on 2009-11-24 08:37:29 With the passage of a federal energy bill, more than $24 million will be heading to Utah colleges and universities. Along with several other projects state and nationwide, the 2010 Energy and Water Appropriations bill, which President Barack Obama signed Oct. 15, is intended to deliver more efficient energy systems and clean up water sources, making them more beneficial to communities. The bill sends $10 million to Utah State University to further efforts to develop technology focuses on energy-efficiency, renewable and alternative energy, carbon sequestration and carbon-free energy sources. USU also picked up another $600,000 to integrate river science research to restore Utah streams and rivers to their proper functioning conditions. The University of Utah will pick up $11.5 million to utilize energy resources in the Uintah Basin and surrounding areas for the production of safe, clean... More »
Logan Herald Journal calls on Rep. Mike Noel to apologize Last Updated on 2009-11-09 07:58:39 Kanab legislator Mike Noel says he was joking when he told USU President Stan Albrecht to get his professors “in line up there” after a USU faculty member criticized a fellow scientist’s conclusions about global warming. Even if it was in jest, Noel’s comment has a sinister ring to it. Politicians and lay people pretending to be a scientific authorities is one thing — this has become comically commonplace in the global warming debate — but even the hint of political pressure on academia to fall in line on a hot-button issue like this not funny at all. And as we all know, things said “in jest” often betray true feelings. Robert Davies is the USU faculty member Noel was referring to, and Noel still insists he wants an apology from Davies for portraying as “totally fringe” the findings of a fellow climatologist that global warming is primarily caused by nature, not... More »
BYU scientists send letter protesting legislature's treatment of climate science Last Updated on 2009-11-07 00:00:00   A group of earth scientists from conservative Brigham Young University has sent a stinging rebuke to state lawmakers on their recent handling of climate-change science. The 18 scientists wrote the governor and legislators Oct. 26, urging them to "consider separating the science from the policy issues." They challenged lawmakers for giving the "fringe" position of a climate skeptic equal weight to that of the broad, scientific consensus that climate change is happening, largely because of human activities. "We have no specific political agenda to support but agree that whatever action is taken, it should be informed by the best available scientific evidence," the scientists said. "We encourage our legislators not to manipulate the scientific evidence to suit any political agenda." The scientists sent the letter five days after the Public Utilities and Technology Interim Committee... More »
Rep. Noel attempts to intimidate climate scientist Last Updated on 2009-10-23 08:17:29 The Legislature's most outspoken skeptic of man-caused climate change was so angered by a scientist's published remarks about a fellow expert's work that the lawmaker complained to the researcher's boss. Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, confirmed he spoke Tuesday with Utah State University President Stan L. Albrecht about Robert Davies, an assistant research professor in physics. Noel said he expressed his concerns about Davies but strongly denied making any threats or calling for the scientist's job. Davies had been asked by The Tribune to describe how Roy Spencer's research stacked up against the scientific consensus on the role humans play in climate change. Spencer, of the University of Alabama-Huntsville, was invited by Noel to testify Wednesday before a legislative committee. Davies was quoted Monday in The Salt Lake Tribune saying that he suspected lawmakers invited Spencer to provide... More »
New report shows Utah's national parks seriously threatened by global warming Last Updated on 2009-10-01 15:26:07 To read the full report on the impacts of global warming on national parks in Utah, Nevada and Arizona, click here.  More »