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Water district seeks input on important projects

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The Central Iron County Water Conservancy District was organized in May 1997 to benefit the people and municipalities within the CICWCD boundaries. The district was organized under the Utah Water Conservancy District Act to achieve the following objectives:

Conserve, develop and stabilize existing supplies of water for the beneficial uses of domestic, irrigation, power, manufacturing, aquatic life, wildlife and stock watering for the direct benefit of the district residents.

Develop additional supplies of water for use within both the municipalities and unincorporated areas of the CICWCD boundaries.

Plan for, finance, design and construct reservoirs, pipelines, water distribution systems, wells, drainage improvements and other improvements necessary to utilize water supplies within the CICWCD boundaries.

Benefit the municipalities within the CICWCD boundaries by providing adequate supplies of water for domestic, industrial and municipal use.

Manage and stabilize the flow of water to directly benefit irrigated lands.

This is a humbling community responsibility considering that the projected combined water usage of municipal, industrial, agricultural and private water companies of the district exceeds sustainable water supply. In addition, consider that the overall water table is declining year after year from over allocation of the basin.

In the Jan. 8 meeting of the district, the Board of Trustees approved the 2009 discussion and issue topics to be addressed during the coming year. These topics together with ongoing topics include the following;

Lake Powell Pipeline.

Waste water reclamation (waste water reuse).

Coal Creek recharge.

Water wise landscaping.

West Desert water filings.

Water conservation measures.

Urie Creek Dam feasibility planning.

Regional water aquifer impacts from the development of solar and geothermal energy.

The district recognizes that these discussion topics have far-reaching, multi -generational community impacts and will require significant inter-agency cooperation with municipalities, federal and state agencies, the agricultural community and other water users. The district anticipates that after a thorough and complete discussion of the above topics, that the Board of Trustees will establish formal public policy concerning each of the above topics.

Additional information can be obtained on each of the above discussion topics from the district's Web site -

The district recognizes that public policy is not made in isolation but requires thoughtful input from informed citizens and sound scientific knowledge. Establishing effective public policy requires balancing numerous conflicting considerations. The district is, therefore, seeking informed public comments on the above-discussion topics to establish important public policy in each of the above areas.

Please submit informed written comments that include return address and contact information to;

Central Iron County WCD (CICWCD)

88 East Fiddlers Canyon Drive, Suite A

P.O. Box 37

Cedar City, UT 84721

Call: 865-9901

E-mail: or

R. Scott Wilson is the General Manager of the Central Iron County Water Conservancy District



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