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Schools face budget cut

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CEDAR CITY - School board members and Iron County School District administrators had a special school board meeting Tuesday to discuss details of the new state-mandated 5.2 percent budget cut.

Iron County School District Superintendent Jim Johnson said during the past couple weeks since the Legislature revealed the amount of the cut from public education, the schools and administration worked to determine where cuts will take place, including the district's quality teaching and professional development programs.

"We are experiencing two very significant cuts," he said.

Johnson said the goal is to use some of the funds the school is to receive over the next few months from the Federal Stimulus Package to backfill some of those programs like professional development, but said it depends on where the allocations for the money are allowed.

"We are still wondering how much flexibility has been provided," he said. "It is a large amount of money; we are expecting in excess of $2 million."

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